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Home Theater Tips

So you’ve bought a brand new HDTV and you’re hooking it up to a new or pre existing sound system in your home. Here a are a couple of things that will help you get the most out of your home audio system.
speaker layout 5.1
Speaker Placement
Try to separate your speakers so that you will be able to hear the left and right channels independently. Ideally, you have a rectangle shaped room, with a couch either on the wall, or in the middle of the room. The problem with most home theaters, is that the sound is only ideal for one person. The larger the room, the better the sound for crowds.

Listen Up
Really take the time to listen to your system once you have placed your speakers in an ideal fashion. Remember that television may sound different from movies, and music. A good way to test out the quality and settings is by listening to a concert DVD that is high quality and mastered in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. That way, you will be able to hear each channel, and adjust accordingly.

Don’t Blow It!

Speakers are not optimized when played at maximum levels. If you are hearing signal degradation in any speaker, adjust it’s settings. Take some time and read the manual that comes with your receiver. There’s excellent advice in there that will help you learn all about finding the sweet spot in your room. There’s almost no guaranteed approach to making this work, it can take a lot of trial and error, but in the end, hopefully you love the sound coming out of your home theater.

Remembering these easy steps is just a start, but it will help you on your journey to find the ultimate in home sound design.


Get the Most From Your Music

Here at Old Port Jingles, we LOVE music. We listen to it all day, and have been studying it for years. Here are a couple of tips to get the most out of your listening experience.

If you’re using digital media, know your format. While MP3’s are convenient because of their size, you lose a lot of quality. If you are converting your cd’s to MP3, adjust the bit rate to at least 256vbr, if not 320. These files will be larger, but they are the best quality you can get with an MP3. The best thing you can do if you are converting your cd’s to a computer, is to use a lossy or lossless format like FLAC, WAV, or AIFF. These formats are closer to the true uncompressed way that the music is meant to be listened to. Interestingly enough, records are still the most optimal way to experience the best sound.

old port jingles rick astley

...And you will want the best quality for this.

None of this really matters if you are going to be using low quality speakers or ear buds. If you really want optimal sound, you will definitely see a noticeable upgrade with a set of nice speakers. Here’s a tip, just because they cost more, it doesn’t mean they are better. Read online reviews to find out what will work best for your situation.

One more thing you may want to consider is how you are playing your music. What device are you using to mostly listen to it? How do you listen to music?


Bringing Jingles Back With Old Port Jingles

Not Your Grandparent’s Jingle

Jingle Haus Old Port Jingles1930-1955 was a great time for the American jingle writers. Music wasn’t yet everywhere, so people listened more actively to whatever was on the radio, and most New York executives just wanted what was hot at the time. If you could write a catchy jingle, you were in, and that was that. Of course they were also using music to make smoking and boozing seem cool, but that’s beside the point. It was the golden age for jingles, but things sure have changed.
Since then, the evolution of musical marketing has seen many trends, some more effective than others. Typically the companies that took the biggest risks in their marketing campaigns had the most to gain, and they also broke new ground. We’re not saying we are out to change the world through jingles, or pioneer a new jingle movement, but we do have some plans for the word.

Taking Back The Jingle

The word jingle itself has a bad rap. If we could have used another word in it’s place when naming the business, we would have. When you think of the word jingle, what comes to mind? For most, it is not necessarily a positive thing, and we want to change that. According to Wikipedia, “A jingle is a memorable short tune with a lyric broadcast used in radio and television commercials, which are usually intended to convey an advertising slogan. They are also utilized by pop music radio for disc jockey and station identification purposes.” Because we offer memorable, short tunes that are used in advertising, we have to use that word, but we offer much, much more. The last thing we want to do is give off the impression that we are going to make you a cheesy, typical, boring song for your business, so we are going to change the way jingles are viewed. In a nutshell we’re bringing jingles back, and reclaiming the word.

Just because you own a business, it doesn’t mean that the music associated with it has to be boring, or sound like every other commercial on the radio. We are unique, in that if you have the vision to allow us to take some creative liberties and think outside the box, we will produce something for you that is not only new and exciting, but will grab your attention. Trust us, we’re professionals.


How to Tell if Your Business Needs a Jingle

Do you own a business? Then you probably need a jingle. Market research shows businesses with effective jingles have a leg up on the competition. Having a catchy, recognizable jingle can be the difference between good sales, and great sales. With Old Port Jingles, we combine our years of marketing experience with our passion for music to bring you whatever it is you’re looking for.

Jingles are great if you’re looking to expand into radio advertising. When we design our music, we leave parts empty so that you can promote your specials and deals. We encourage our clients to make commercials for the internet with our jingles as well! We have some great examples of this we will be posting in the future.


More On Archive Services

Have you ever wanted to send a message to the future? Now is your chance with Archive Services from Old Port Jingles. Okay, we can’t actually send messages into the future, but we can come to you if you would like to record special messages for loved ones, or just want to remember that crazy experience before you forget all the details. We will show up, set up our portable studio, and be recording you in HD video and HQ audio in under 20 minutes. It’s a great service for parents looking to record something for their baby, or seniors who would like to record some of life’s finest memories. It’s just one of the many affordable quality services offered from Old Port Jingles.


Need music for your business? Check out our customizable business jingles. Radio advertising is a great way to sell your products and reach a large audience with one of our custom music productions.

Custom songs can be a great way to celebrate any occasion! From birthdays to family reunions to roasts, music just makes everything better.

Viral marketing can be a great way to get your name out into the public eye.

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