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Loop a Day #5

Day 5 by OldPortJingles


Loop a Day #4

“Not Penny’s Boat”
This is why you practice. So you don’t rip off themes from your favorite shows!
Day4 by OldPortJingles
not pennys boat


Loop a Day #3

Day3 by OldPortJingles


A Loop a Day #2

Day # 2 of the loop a day challenge!
not a jingle by OldPortJingles


A Loop a Day…

It’s winter, and we’re all bored, so we are going to try to make a Loop a day for the next week. Here’s the first one:
Day1 by OldPortJingles


Gear Review: MXR Phase 90 (mod)

the MXR Phase 90The Phaser of choice for many musicians is the MXR phase 90. You’ve probably seen it before, it’s used by hundreds of musicians from all walks of life. The reason I like is because it’s simple, and it sounds great. It wasn’t always that way though. Here’s my MRX Phase 90 story:

I needed a good phase effect pedal for live recording and studio work. Plugins weren’t quite cutting it, and I couldn’t take them with me, so I tested out a few different pedals. I eventually bought a used Phase 90 off ebay for around $50, a total steal. First thing I noticed was that it was built like a tank. It has one large knob that controls the speed of the phase. Out of the box it did not sound that great. There was a huge drop in volume when I would turn it on and so I initially thought it was defective.

After some research, I found a modification that was being done by many people, and was apparently quite easy. I found a link to the Phase 90 mod here and cut out the r28, c11, and c12 nodes. I was very nervous about doing it, but the difference that it made in the sound of the pedal was huge. I take no responsibility if you choose to do it to your own pedal, but it’s hard to understand why MXR makes the pedal with those nodes in the first place. Anyway, I don’t see ever using another phaser. This one seems to do the trick perfectly. Deep smooth watery sounds like nothing else.

If you’re in the market for a cool sounding effect that can be subtle, or over the top, the MXR Phase 90 may be just what you’re looking for.


Help Out Snowboarder Danny Toumarkine

Hi everyone. Some sad news to report, Mount Washington Valley native Danny Toumarkine was involved in a very serious snowboarding accident last week and is currently still in the hospital. Danny has been riding professionally for a while now, and it’s very tragic to hear about it. He is extremely well liked by everyone who knows him, and would appreciate any support you have to offer. You can tell stories, leave him a message, or donate money to help him out over at a website set up by his brother Conor. We wish him good health, and will send him all the good vibes we can.

We would ask that you wear a helmet while on the mountain, no matter what style you ride. While they may not prevent all injuries, they have been known to make a huge difference in some situations.


Gear Review: Maxon OD-9

The Maxon OD-9 is a solid pedal which features true bypass circuitry and a legendary distortion sound that most guitarists would love. For those of you who don’t know, Maxon is the company that made the Ibanez Tubescreamer for Ibanez from 1974-2002. That pedal was the preferred overdrive for guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and Carlos Santana, just to name a few. Once Maxon and Ibanez parted ways, Maxon did the right thing and continued to make the pedals under their own name, so thankfully, if you don’t have an original, you can get close to the same sound with the Maxon Reissue or the Maxon Nine series.

The OD-9 is essentially a Tubescreamer. The shape and color is nearly the same, which is a good thing, as it’s solid as a rock, and can withstand nearly everything you can throw at it. It has the same simple control knobs, drive, level and tone, and a sound that is unmatched in the right setup. personally I think that this pedal sounds best when coming through a lightly crunched tube amp, like the Fender Deluxe. It adds a richness to the distortion that is hard to beat. It sounds okay on its own, but if you have a mid level distortion setting on your amp and you turn this baby on, your neighbors will know it.

If you’re a guitarist looking for a rich full tube distortion but don’t want to pay outrageous prices for an original, you will not go wrong with the Maxon OD-9.


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