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USPS, You’re Doing It Wrong

Rain Soaked Wet USPS Package

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Like many of you, I order a lot of stuff online. I’m a big fan of services like amazon, newegg, and ebay because I can get stuff on the cheap. Sometimes I order things and they get shipped in insanely huge boxes, but no harm really comes of that. I read the in August that the United States Postal Service is going through some tough economic times, and is looking to make some cuts. Well USPS, it’s service like this that makes that news no surprise.

It rained pretty much all day yesterday. My bike ride into work was a wet one, and at times throughout the day it was coming down pretty hard. By the time I left for home at 4:00pm, it was still pretty wet out and misting a little. I got home to find some packages had been delivered. At first glance, it looks like a poor job putting the package in the mailbox.

Wet Mail from the USPS

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Upon closer inspection it appears the mailman created a clever rain catcher to collect as much water as possible inside the mailbox. Great technique for outdoor survival, not so much for delivering mail. Mail often contains important documents, electronics, or photos, none of which should be wet. That’s why I have a mailbox. That’s also why I have a side door and an easily accessible and visible shed. At any rate there was another package inside the mailbox, this was also soaked through.

UPS, Doing it Right

How it's done. Click to enlarge.

The same day I got a package delivered from UPS, who is doing it right. This little bag can’t cost them very much, it is extremely thin, but for the purpose of keeping something dry for a few hours, it works great. It’s service like this that will make me think twice before sending anything of value through the mail. Fortunately the things in the mailbox were clothing, but still, had they been books or electronics, it would have been a major first world problem/headache. United States Postal Service, if you’re reading this, please invest in some bags. Or instruct your workers to not do this. I want to like you, I really do. You’ve always been there, but if you keep this up, our relationship isn’t going to last.

For those wondering, I’ve added a “Packages Around Back” note in my mailbox. I hope it works next time it’s raining.

This arrived yesterday from UPS. I don’t even know what to think.

UPS Hidden Package

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5 Tips on How Jingles Can Help Your Business

Yet another amazing guest blog post!

Jingles can help your businessJingles are something that most companies overlook as a way to increase profits. Here are five tips on how jingles can help your business.

  1. Stand Out From Your Competitor
  2. You want to stand out from your competitor. You want to have a jingle before everyone else in the industry regardless of being local or not. You want to beat your competitor by attracting more customers to your company using a jingle. People love jingles more than you realize. People end up getting jingles stuck in their mind from being exposed to them so many times that he or she can’t help it when they remember your company.

  3. Future Customer Remember You First
  4. Jingle will make the future customers remember you the most when they need your services or products. You’ll notice a difference in your overall profits by coming up with a jingle. People remember jingles like they do any song that they hear that prompts them to remember who the singer or band is.

  5. Jingles Make Your Company Unique
  6. Jingles will make your company unique from everyone else in the local area and online. You will set yourself apart from others in the industry. Your competitor will notice that you make more in profits from your jingle. Your competitor will try to figure out your secret advertisement methods. Ask yourself what makes your service or product better than everyone else in the industry.

  7. Use A Copywriter
  8. If you need help with a jingle then hire a copywriter that will be glad to make one up for you at a reasonable rate. Copywriters have a way with words that make it easy to come up with words that your customers will easily remember. Copyriters do ads for radio and private clients all the time on a regular basis. Check your local area for a copywriter. One of your employee’s might be able to make up a jingle using their creative skills.

  9. Play Jingles Everywhere
  10. You want future customers to hear your jingle on the radio, especially in the car. You really want them to hear your new jingle on tv and website. You want to exhaust every source available in order to get your jingle out there in front of everyone.

The five main tips are stand out from competitor, make yourself unique, and hire a copywriter. The most important tip is to play jingle everywhere possible. Make sure to put jingle on your website as well. Good luck out there!

bio: Tim understands the concept of using jingles for business, as his company cash for car does so all the time.


Using Podcasts for Audio Marketing

Another guest blog post! This one is from Rohit Naik.

Have you ever thought аbоut making a роdcast or hоѕting уоur own onlіnе radio shоw? Thеrе іѕ a ѕlіght differеnce betweеn thе two оf cоurѕе, аnd I wіll оutlіnе the two bеlоw, аnd gіvе yоu sоme tірs on роdcastіng.

They arе bоth grеat fоrmѕ of аudіо mаrketing.

Fіrst- Onlіnе Radio

Well, іf уоu go tо Blоg Tаlk Radio, уou саn hoѕt your оwn оnlіne rаdіо ѕhоw іn an hоur frоm nоw, ѕerіouѕly. All the ѕtruсture iѕ іn рlасе thеrе for you, јuѕt рrеѕs a few buttоns аnd off уou go! Yоu аrе lіvе to thе world withіn аn hоur- and stаrt tо get уour meѕѕage оut there wеll аnd truly. All уou need is a соmрutеr аnd аn intеrnet сonnectiоn, and a сheар headѕеt- and you arе goоd tо gо.

There are еvеn lіvе сhаt roomѕ ѕo уou сan ѕee what pеоple arе sаyіng about your реrfоrmаnсe- or better ѕtatеd, gеt feеdback- gоod markеt rеѕеаrch- аnd inѕtаnt toо! No waіting mоnths for rеsеarсh reѕults! Therе іs аlso thе facіlity for реоplе rо ring іn аnd talk to уоu aѕ wеll, on an Amеrісаn number. Therе are prеmіum ассount optіоns availаblе aѕ well.

Podcasting for Marketing

Dо уоu want tо mаkе yоur оwn роdcаѕt? Let’s be clеаr on what a podcаst іs fіrѕt- it is а small, normаlly 20 minutе long rаdіo show, downlоadable, (оr tіme ѕhіfted as theу ѕау in thе trаde, beсаusе theу do lіke theіr nice tеchnісal words!!) What it mеanѕ iѕ that реорle cаn lіsten tо іt аnу timе they wаnt, (or wаtсh it- podcaѕts cаn bе visual аѕ well!- they are cаllеd Vodсaѕts- anоther tеchnіcаl tеrm!)

Sо yоu wоuld fіnd out whаt thе рunterѕ wantеd, and сrеаtе сontеnt all аbout іt, which would ѕеt уou uр аs an аuthоrity іn your nісhe, remеmber рeоple buу from peорlе thеу know, like аnd truѕt, аnd podсаsting сan, аnd doеs dо thаt reallу well.


Well, іn а ѕurvеy dоne rесentlу, it wаs found that 37% of cоmmuniсаtіon was nоt in thе wordѕ thаt wе uѕе, but Vоiсе Tonе- 37 %- that’ѕ hugе- оnlу 5% wаs wordѕ, the rest wаs bodу languagе.

Thе rіght tone оf vоісе саn mаkе or brеаk аn іntеraсtion- aѕ I аm surе you have had еxрerіеncе оf іn thе past. Voiсeѕ are traіnablе аs well, if уou dо nоt likе the sound оf yоur own voіce, thаt iѕ trаіnable mоrе eаsily than you thіnk. Podcаstіng- an all іn onе goоd ѕоlutіon to marketing your wаres.

About the Author : This is a guest post by Rohit Naik who blogs at KBC Website . It discusses everything about KBC 5 game show.


A Year Too Late: Thoughts on the Grateful Dead

Never Saw The Grateful DeadI love the music of the Grateful Dead. That much is plain to see to anyone who knows me. I begun to listen to it when I was around 15. I had purchased Europe ’72 and American Beauty through Colombia house (12 CD’s for a penny, remember that?) on a whim not knowing really what to expect. Soon both albums were a fixture in my home stereo and I had copied them to tape so I could listen to them in my car. Within a few months I was recording the shows on Scarlet Begonias Radio, broadcast on my local radio station. This music was better than anything I had been exposed to. I didn’t realize or understand the concept of improvisation and energy in music until I started picking apart the jams. I know it’s overused, but the music touched me. I wanted more, and surely would experience it live soon.

I was a freshman in high school when I passed up my one and only chance to see the Grateful Dead.

“Hey man, you should come to Highgate with us! We’re leaving Thursday morning.”

“I can’t. The math final is at 2pm.”

A math final. Yeah, I know.

At the time, I wasn’t concerned. I was sure I could see the Dead again. Plus, I had tickets to my first real concert later on that summer, and that would be awesome. It was a HORDE show in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The date of that show: August 10th, 1995. As much fun as I tried to have, I couldn’t believe I had missed my chance. There was a moment of silence and I came to the bitter realization I missed the bus. The fact that all those people were silent- I couldn’t get over it. I wasn’t the only one who loved this music. This wasn’t even a Dead show, but there were fans here. There were fans everywhere.

I will always feel a tinge of sadness when I think about what I missed out on. Though I try, no amount of Bob, Phil, or Further shows can make up for it. I’m not really sure why I’m writing this. I guess I just felt I wanted to put it out there and maybe hear about others like me, or others who saw them for years. Either way, feel free to comment, so long as it’s positive.


Using Video to Promote and Persuade

More and more businesses are choosing to use video marketing as a way to increase their customer
base, and with good reason. Video marketing is highly effective when it’s done well, and the cost of
making a video has fallen significantly in recent years. You don’t even have to live in a major media
area to get great videos made at an affordable price. You can find companies doing video production
in Nottingham, Newcastle, Birmingham, and even Dundee.

If you’ve never made a marketing video before, then you should choose your promotional video production
carefully. Some companies will simply follow the script you give them, whereas others
are happy to prove a lot of creative input.

What’s your message?

Before you start work on a video, it’s important to decide what your message is. Are you advertising
a sale or a special offer? Are you warning customers about something important? Do you want to
bring back former customers, or are you trying to bring in a new audience?

There are some campaigns that work well as videos and others that do not. For example, a national
chain of garages might do well if they produced a video about road safety and started promoting it
just before winter. The video campaign could run for several months, is interesting enough to make
people want to share it, and has a clear message – “Get your brakes, tires and lights checked ready
for the winter.”

On the other hand, it probably isn’t worth getting a video made to promote a one week sale at a
Nottingham clothing store. Unless, of course, you have a good relationship with a company that
does video production in Nottingham, and you can get the video made quickly and cheaply, and
promoted to a highly targeted audience.

A Call to Action

It’s always a good idea to build a call to action into your videos. You should try to encourage people
to forward the video to their friends, or visit a website, or pick up the phone. The important thing is
that the interaction with your brand does not begin and end with that one video.

If you can encourage your prospective customers to build an attachment to the brand – be that
through a mailing list, a Facebook page, or your Twitter stream, then you’ll have more opportunities
to reach them. They may not buy anything after they see that first video, but when they see your
brand a second or third time they’ll remember you, and they’ll be more receptive to those future

Before you hand over any money to a promotional video production company, it’s a good idea to ask
to see some of their previous videos. Don’t just look at the quality of the video, look at the style. If all
of the videos share the same style, is it the right one for your company? Some companies are flexible
in the types of video that they produce, but some smaller studios tend to stick to one template for
all companies – are you happy putting your brand name on one of those videos?

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Black Hawk Productions, your first choice for video production Nottingham and surrounding areas. James writes on subjects relating to business and marketing.


Why Fiverr is Frivolous for Audio Marketing

Fiverr is not for buying jinglesDon’t get me wrong, I love the concept behind The idea of people putting up things that they will do for $5 is not only hilarious, it’s brilliant (for some applications). For those not familiar, Fiverr is a site where you can go and post what you will do for five bucks. If your offer is enticing, people will send you money, and you do whatever you promise. Much like the internet itself, it doesn’t take long to get weird and it needs to be filtered… Unless you’re looking for someone who will write on their neck for you. I actually really like, and this article is not a shot at them or what they do. For some applications it can be a wonderful opportunity to connect with people, however for many businesses it’s just not a good fit.

There are many categories offered on for all kinds of things. Of course there’s a music section, and a fairly large amount of people offering voice over and jingle production. There are a couple arguments against people offering professional services on fiverr, but in my opinion it comes down to one thing: value. You get what you pay for, and the idea of seeing someone offer a custom produced jingle(or even a voice over) for $5 is simply laughable. People may be willing to try this approach in order to save money, but the reality is that if you want something original and high quality that also offers support, you’re probably wasting your time on fiverr.

Why is Fiverr a Bad Choice for Audio Services?

You wouldn’t hire a clown to fix a leak in the John, so why
do you let these hooligans tear down the biz? Yeaahhhh.
-Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet

When you need a new garage, unless you’re extremely handy you don’t build it yourself. You call a professional who will offer an estimate, let you know what to expect, and is going to be there to help with unforeseen obstacles. You want good references, examples of previous work, and a good track record. You’re doing yourself a disservice by looking for a cheap way out. Jingles and voice overs cost money to make. Even the most entry level equipment is going to set you back thousands of dollars, not to mention the time it takes to learn how to use it properly. Want to broadcast on the radio? Do you know what rights you need to get from all parties before this can happen? Can you guarantee that some stranger didn’t randomly sample something that could land you in court? Do you know how to keep from getting charged for the ice below the floorboards at Chicago Stadium?

It all comes down to value. You want to see your company grow? Want to brand your latest product or service? Save yourself some time let the professionals at Old Port Jingles create your next advertising jingle. When you get all the cuts for your next campaign, and it is something that you are actually proud of, you’ll be glad you did. Contact Old Port Jingles to get a quote on your next jingle production package today.


Vacation Property Video Production

Vacation-Property-Video-ProductionIf you own a vacation property would you like a better chance at being able to rent out your property for every available time slot? A video tour of any vacation home is a very small investment that will help to make this happen. By allowing potential renters want to see what they’re getting, you are going to be leaps and bounds above the competition. The fact is many properties that are listed online don’t do this because the owners think it’s too costly. You’d be surprised at how little you need to spend to get a high quality HD video of your vacation property. Let your potential tenants see just how great your vacation home really is, by having Old Port Jingles produce your property rental video.

Rental Property Videos Made Easy

In just a few steps, you tell us what you like about your property list the selling points are. We then produce a professionally recorded voice over script outline. After that we shoot the property with our high quality professional cameras, which will increase the overall quality of the video. Once we have our photos, we record a voice over and edit it all together with some of our legendary original music.

You will keep copies of all the photos that we take for your own use! We will upload the video to the Old Port Jingles YouTube channel if you like, and from there, all you need to do is embed the code. You may also upload it to your own channel if you have one already. You’re welcome to share the video on Facebook and all other social media outlets, and post high quality photos on travel vacation message boards like Trip Advisor! Plus, we can even write blog posts about your property which may share your video to new prospective clients.



Need music for your business? Check out our customizable business jingles. Radio advertising is a great way to sell your products and reach a large audience with one of our custom music productions.

Custom songs can be a great way to celebrate any occasion! From birthdays to family reunions to roasts, music just makes everything better.

Viral marketing can be a great way to get your name out into the public eye.

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