Hubspot Rocks

I just upgraded one of our mics and our DAW interface and needed to test both of these out. I was in need of something to write about I remembered I had seen an article on how to find writing inspiration on the HubSpot marketing blog, when it hit me. Why not write a song about HubSpot?

If you own a business and you’re not familiar with HubSpot, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I use many of there free tools, and frequently read their blog. It’s filled with all kinds of useful information that can help you with elements of lead generation, social media, blogging and more. Anyway, I figured I would honor them with a tune, since they are such a creative bunch. HubSpot if you hear it, hope you like it, and I just might be able to be coerced into making a video for this…

.....................HubSpot Rocks......................

New Interface Hubspot JamThis song was really an experiment in testing out the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP firewire interface. Some of the these levels may be off because of that. No musicians were brought in, most of this was done in one or two takes. I’m going to post a full review of it later this week, once I’ve had a chance to put it through some more tests and familiarize with the software it came with. Hopefully I’ll get a chance soon to come back to this piece and do it some justice.

edit:Wow! I never thought I’d be getting this kind of feedback! I’m really glad that people at HubSpot found it interesting! Lots of interest in the video, I’m not quite sure when I will get around to this but my initial idea on a video for this was puppets. I have no Idea why, but I just thought it would be the easiest coolest thing to do for a song like this. Green screens, socks, yarn etc.

Anyway, I’ve also re-mixed with this tune with a little more bass as was needed. (Thanks Dan!)

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12 Responses to “Hubspot Rocks”

  • Erich – wow!

    We are honored and LOVE it … way to use the methodology in your ad hoc jingle:))) Getting some love via system setup & QA never felt so good!

    We’ll be sharing this through our social media … and guess what, you’ll probably get some link love that way too!

    Hope we can help you keep growing your jingle biz like crazy!!!


  • John Marcus says:


    The song has a nice B-52’s flavor. Totally digging the guitar solo as well.

  • Dan Tyre says:

    Great melody, great lyrics, needs a tad more bass 🙂

  • Heidi Furst says:

    Wow – if only my brain worked this way – so creative! I have already forwarded to my network. Impressive.

  • You picked the perfect company to write a free jingle about. HubSpot will push this cool song through their online channels and people like me will get to know you – we are an inbound marketing firm and will certainly recommend you for any of our clients that need a jingle.


  • Old Port Jingles says:

    You are correct Dan. Check back tomorrow for a better mix. Maybe even a re-mix. Good ears.

  • Old Port Jingles says:

    Thanks Todd!

  • Corey Beale says:

    Love it Erich! We were blasting this from several computers throughout the course of the day. It got the sales team rocking!

  • Awesome!

    Very clever use of inbound marketing.

    One quick tip: You should close this article with a call to action and a link to a form. Something like: “Need a cool jingle for your business? We’re fast and affordable. [Click here] to get a free quote.”

  • gil roeder says:

    Great Jingle Erich. I love the arrangement — nice added bass too(I’m a bass player myself).

  • What a great way to test your latest equipment. But, do you know who you’re messing with? Dharmesh, Kirsten,Brian, Repcor?? Now,as that message moves out, you’re gonna hear from people like me. I’m a hubspot fan. I also, do the Downeaster regularly and connect the dots between Cambridge and Portland… maybe even between Hubspot and Old Port Jingles?
    Great job Erich….but now, You’ve got to MAKE THE VIDEO.
    Please? And no puppets. Hubspot is made up of real authentic people. Can’t you just see them lip synching to this tune. I can. I’m sure they can. Will keep an eye out for the results, cause you gotta get to work on this. Please get started, soon 🙂

  • You did a great job!!! I love it.

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