Introducing Geron Hoy

On April 26th 2011, prepare to meet Geron Hoy. On that day the album “Soldier” will drop from Jamity Records. I haven’t heard it all, but it would seem that whatever Jamity Records is doing, they are doing it right. Somehow they managed to capture the essence of what Geron has been trying to do for over 10 years, and it’s worth a listen or 12. I can easily see the track “Lady Crow” used in an episode of Sons of Anarchy, and you can get a copy of right now on iTunes.

I first met Geron Hoy in Mary Lyon Hall at Plymouth State College. It was 1999, grunge rock was long dead, and terrible dance music was heard all over campus. I would often play my electric guitar in my room, hoping to meet like minded heads. Geron showed up within a couple of hours. He had his guitar and it was about 2 minutes before we started playing.

He started playing “Wild Horses.” I hung a few notes over what he was doing and I don’t know if we sang it or not, but we had clicked. Imagine my surprise when he told me he had only been playing for 6 weeks. I was shocked. His timing and rhythm was spot on. He didn’t play too loud or too quiet. He just had “it”, and meeting someone who had “it” was refreshing.

Geron HoyWe soon started playing around campus and the music was surprisingly well received. He did most of the singing, but had no problem if I wanted to sing a song here and there. He was quickly growing as a musician and I was able to watch the transformation as he shaped his natural ability into a musical personality that was creative force to be reckoned with.

It was much to my chagrin when Geron left Plymouth to study graphics at the Central Connecticut.  We still would visit each other and jam whenever we could, and it was always fun, but soon school was over. Geron moved to New York City to pursue music and I moved to Portland, Maine. I visited him a total of three times in New York – July and September of 2005, and once again in October of 2006. The first two trips we were able to jam and record some on a computer, which blew my mind at the time. I was even able to sit in with him at one of his gigs. Somewhere there’s a DVD of that kicking around. It wasn’t long after that Geron moved to Austin, where he was able to meet up with some more musicians who also realized that Geron had a charisma on and off stage that makes him something of an enigma.

What sets Geron apart from other musicians that I’ve played with, is that he does not do it for money, fame or fortune. He does it because he has to. That’s all there is too it. He doesn’t have an ego about it, there’s no pretentiousness. He just knows that playing his songs is something he has to do. His passion for music bleeds through his guitar and you hear it in his voice.

I’m glad I met Geron when I did. Watching him grow has a truly prolific life experience, like watching a glacier move. You may not see the changes daily, but one morning you look up and it’s moved on to devour another mountain. I am honored and truly fortunate to call him my friend. Nice job, Geron. You’ve made something amazing and I could not be more proud of you man. Put that in your book.

Check out his Facebook page or Geron Hoy dot com



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  • Bill R. says:

    Great read! Really brought back some of my own memories as well! Thanks for sharing.

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