Music, Marketing, and Bicycling in Maine

It’s been a while, but that’s what you can expect when things get busy. Besides offering my services in the musical realm, I’ve been writing scripts and producing TV commercials, doing SEO and SEM, and even writing for a marketing blog. It’s a great thing when you can really get behind the work you’re doing, and know that the businesses you’re working for deserve all the exposure that you can get them.

The other thing I’ve been doing is biking. I am completely hooked. The fine folks over at All Speed are somewhat responsible. First off, it’s the best bike shop in Portland, Maine, have made it easy for me to completely get the service and advice I need. Last year this time I wouldn’t have guessed that I would have ridden as much as I have. They sold me a great road bike which I use for my 11 mile commute. Not only did I get a great price, but they offered all kinds of free service and tune ups etc. I generally ask them an insane amount of questions, however I haven’t been kicked out yet, so that speaks to their patience. I went to every major shop in the Portland area, and All Speed was the best in terms of service. They also sell skis and shit. Anyway, I got an indoor trainer this year, and rode roughly 4 times a week. Kept me in great shape, and now that the commute season is officially on, it’s paying off.

I don’t think there’s much I could write about that could be more unrelated, and now I forget what I was doing…



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  • Music & Marketing, it’s a crazy combination, but what we love, we always follow. I am also in the same category.

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