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Vacation Property Video Production

Vacation-Property-Video-ProductionIf you own a vacation property would you like a better chance at being able to rent out your property for every available time slot? A video tour of any vacation home is a very small investment that will help to make this happen. By allowing potential renters want to see what they’re getting, you are going to be leaps and bounds above the competition. The fact is many properties that are listed online don’t do this because the owners think it’s too costly. You’d be surprised at how little you need to spend to get a high quality HD video of your vacation property. Let your potential tenants see just how great your vacation home really is, by having Old Port Jingles produce your property rental video.

Rental Property Videos Made Easy

In just a few steps, you tell us what you like about your property list the selling points are. We then produce a professionally recorded voice over script outline. After that we shoot the property with our high quality professional cameras, which will increase the overall quality of the video. Once we have our photos, we record a voice over and edit it all together with some of our legendary original music.

You will keep copies of all the photos that we take for your own use! We will upload the video to the Old Port Jingles YouTube channel if you like, and from there, all you need to do is embed the code. You may also upload it to your own channel if you have one already. You’re welcome to share the video on Facebook and all other social media outlets, and post high quality photos on travel vacation message boards like Trip Advisor! Plus, we can even write blog posts about your property which may share your video to new prospective clients.



Don’t Forget the Music

Whats the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten for a party? There’s a lot you’re better off without, the annoying guy, blow up dolls, and spam sandwiches come to mind. One that you can absolutely not forget (besides booze) is music!

Old Port Jingles is proud to announce our new live music entertainment section! We offer everything from background musicians, to wedding DJ’s, to event hosts and more! If you’re looking for an affordable wedding DJ, OPJ can make it happen.  If you’ve ever met Erich Pobatschnig, you would agree that he has the personality needed to take your party or event to the next level. He knows when to slow it down for the lovers, and kick out the jams to keep the party going for the night!

Now that you know where to turn for your musical needs, whats the most essential thing you’ve ever forgotten for a party or wedding?


How to Tell if Your Business Needs a Jingle

Do you own a business? Then you probably need a jingle. Market research shows businesses with effective jingles have a leg up on the competition. Having a catchy, recognizable jingle can be the difference between good sales, and great sales. With Old Port Jingles, we combine our years of marketing experience with our passion for music to bring you whatever it is you’re looking for.

Jingles are great if you’re looking to expand into radio advertising. When we design our music, we leave parts empty so that you can promote your specials and deals. We encourage our clients to make commercials for the internet with our jingles as well! We have some great examples of this we will be posting in the future.


More On Archive Services

Have you ever wanted to send a message to the future? Now is your chance with Archive Services from Old Port Jingles. Okay, we can’t actually send messages into the future, but we can come to you if you would like to record special messages for loved ones, or just want to remember that crazy experience before you forget all the details. We will show up, set up our portable studio, and be recording you in HD video and HQ audio in under 20 minutes. It’s a great service for parents looking to record something for their baby, or seniors who would like to record some of life’s finest memories. It’s just one of the many affordable quality services offered from Old Port Jingles.


Need music for your business? Check out our customizable business jingles. Radio advertising is a great way to sell your products and reach a large audience with one of our custom music productions.

Custom songs can be a great way to celebrate any occasion! From birthdays to family reunions to roasts, music just makes everything better.

Viral marketing can be a great way to get your name out into the public eye.

Do you own a vacation home or rental property? A video is a great way to help fill up all your empty dates! Take a look at our property rental videos.

Let us make the hold music that will keep your clients calm and relaxed while waiting on the phone to speak with you.

Are you a business owner without a jingle? Let us make the song that's just what your company needs. Radio advertising with a business jingle from Old Port Jingles may be just what your next marketing campaign needs.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, a viral video production can be just what you need. Let Old Port Jingles produce the song that will spread on the internet like wildfire! Start your next viral marketing campagin today.

Have you ever wanted a special song for a birthday, retirement, or graduation? Now you can have a song for any occasion with Old Port Jingles. From serious to comedy to educational let us make your custom song just right for you!