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Why Fiverr is Frivolous for Audio Marketing

Fiverr is not for buying jinglesDon’t get me wrong, I love the concept behind The idea of people putting up things that they will do for $5 is not only hilarious, it’s brilliant (for some applications). For those not familiar, Fiverr is a site where you can go and post what you will do for five bucks. If your offer is enticing, people will send you money, and you do whatever you promise. Much like the internet itself, it doesn’t take long to get weird and it needs to be filtered… Unless you’re looking for someone who will write on their neck for you. I actually really like, and this article is not a shot at them or what they do. For some applications it can be a wonderful opportunity to connect with people, however for many businesses it’s just not a good fit.

There are many categories offered on for all kinds of things. Of course there’s a music section, and a fairly large amount of people offering voice over and jingle production. There are a couple arguments against people offering professional services on fiverr, but in my opinion it comes down to one thing: value. You get what you pay for, and the idea of seeing someone offer a custom produced jingle(or even a voice over) for $5 is simply laughable. People may be willing to try this approach in order to save money, but the reality is that if you want something original and high quality that also offers support, you’re probably wasting your time on fiverr.

Why is Fiverr a Bad Choice for Audio Services?

You wouldn’t hire a clown to fix a leak in the John, so why
do you let these hooligans tear down the biz? Yeaahhhh.
-Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet

When you need a new garage, unless you’re extremely handy you don’t build it yourself. You call a professional who will offer an estimate, let you know what to expect, and is going to be there to help with unforeseen obstacles. You want good references, examples of previous work, and a good track record. You’re doing yourself a disservice by looking for a cheap way out. Jingles and voice overs cost money to make. Even the most entry level equipment is going to set you back thousands of dollars, not to mention the time it takes to learn how to use it properly. Want to broadcast on the radio? Do you know what rights you need to get from all parties before this can happen? Can you guarantee that some stranger didn’t randomly sample something that could land you in court? Do you know how to keep from getting charged for the ice below the floorboards at Chicago Stadium?

It all comes down to value. You want to see your company grow? Want to brand your latest product or service? Save yourself some time let the professionals at Old Port Jingles create your next advertising jingle. When you get all the cuts for your next campaign, and it is something that you are actually proud of, you’ll be glad you did. Contact Old Port Jingles to get a quote on your next jingle production package today.


Make Your Business Go Viral

When you’re ready to think outside the box as far as marketing is concerned, a great way to promote your business is through viral advertising. Of course our favorite form of viral advertising comes in the form of catchy music. In order for your material to spread around the internet, one of the best things you can do is make humorous content that still gets your message across.

Take for example this video:

It’s a hilarious song about one man’s struggle with United Airlines, after they broke his guitar. The result? Ten million views, countless promotion on all kinds of media outlets, and of course it cost United $180 million dollars.

Next time you want to invest in a commercial that sounds like every other commercial on the radio and television, consider taking a chance on a viral marketing experiment. The rates are affordable for custom songs, and you can use them online to promote your business and get your content shared all over the web.

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The Pig Kahuna - Theme Song

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