The Gronk Song – How Did This Happen?

Gronk SongIn January of 2012, I was at a Patriots game in Foxboro when I found some inspiration for my next recording project. After watching the Patriots come back from a 21 point deficit against the Buffalo Bills, I decided to make a song for Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski. If you’re not familiar with the Patriots, or Gronkowski, the guy is a monster. He caught a record number of touchdowns this year, and broke tons of records. Just look at his stats! While I wasn’t expecting to write a top 40 hit, I figured I could make something strange, funny, and multi-genre that people would get a kick out of.

When Was the Gronk Song Written and Recorded?

I procrastinated until the Patriots destroyed the Broncos. Gronk had an insane game, so I knew I had to get working. I wrote and recorded 3 different Gronk songs that week. On Friday, I began working on the video for the first one. I posted it to YouTube at 2:30 on Sunday, January 22nd, the day the Patriots played the Ravens to see who would go to the Super Bowl. I posted it to Facebook and ran out the door, making it to my local pub just in time for kick off.

Why Did The Gronk Song Go Viral?

Then it got crazy. For starters, the Patriots won in a truly epic fashion. I was ever so happy about that. When I got home, I saw that dozens of my friends had shared my ridiculous video, and the counter was stuck at 303, which is typical of YouTube. The next day, it continued to be shared. Not just by my friends, but by strangers. The comments and views started pouring in, and the next thing I knew I was posted on Boston Barstool Sports. That made it official. The Boston NBC news station called me Tuesday, and sure enough, that night I was on the 11pm news- for the silliest thing I could imagine.

The video got blogged about by so many sources I lost track, but thanks to social mention, I got most of them. NESN, Bleacher Report, NBC Sports blogged it, as well as Obnoxious Boston Fan, who was one of the few to post the second video. I couldn’t believe it. I even went so far as to set up, although I’m still not really sure why, no money was made from it, or any other part of this. In the end I ended up on television twice, and the song was posted to nearly 40 different sports blogs around the nation. Check out the some more of the reviews and media here.

During the week, I finished work on the other song, and over the weekend I tried to film the video to the second song. During that time I drank- a lot. I was staying up till 2 or 3 every night editing and processing footage, while still working my normal job. Unfortunately I got there too late and the video, while extremely random, was just not as funny as the first one, and only ended up with around 3000 views.

After The Initial Success

What was interesting, and perhaps more notable, is how many other Songs about Gronkowski started appearing shortly after mine came out. Not only was Gronk the biggest celebrity going into the game, he was also working to promote himself, and his brothers company called “Gronk Nation.” I’m not sure how it happened, but Timbaland produced a song for Gronkowski. Could I have inspired that? Hey, that’s cool if I did. If not, oh well.

Did Rob Gronkowski Like the Gronk Song?

Gronk never let me know if he heard it. Someday, Rob if you’re reading this, feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to know what you thought. Even if you tell me that I’m useless and should never make another song about anyone ever again, I’d still like to know.

For now, I’m looking forward to next season, and another great effort from the Patriots of New England. Making people laugh through music at this level… Let’s just say that if it could be a job, I would want to do it all the time. Keep an eye out for more strange music from me. I can’t wait to make you laugh again.

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