Using Video to Promote and Persuade

More and more businesses are choosing to use video marketing as a way to increase their customer
base, and with good reason. Video marketing is highly effective when it’s done well, and the cost of
making a video has fallen significantly in recent years. You don’t even have to live in a major media
area to get great videos made at an affordable price. You can find companies doing video production
in Nottingham, Newcastle, Birmingham, and even Dundee.

If you’ve never made a marketing video before, then you should choose your promotional video production
carefully. Some companies will simply follow the script you give them, whereas others
are happy to prove a lot of creative input.

What’s your message?

Before you start work on a video, it’s important to decide what your message is. Are you advertising
a sale or a special offer? Are you warning customers about something important? Do you want to
bring back former customers, or are you trying to bring in a new audience?

There are some campaigns that work well as videos and others that do not. For example, a national
chain of garages might do well if they produced a video about road safety and started promoting it
just before winter. The video campaign could run for several months, is interesting enough to make
people want to share it, and has a clear message – “Get your brakes, tires and lights checked ready
for the winter.”

On the other hand, it probably isn’t worth getting a video made to promote a one week sale at a
Nottingham clothing store. Unless, of course, you have a good relationship with a company that
does video production in Nottingham, and you can get the video made quickly and cheaply, and
promoted to a highly targeted audience.

A Call to Action

It’s always a good idea to build a call to action into your videos. You should try to encourage people
to forward the video to their friends, or visit a website, or pick up the phone. The important thing is
that the interaction with your brand does not begin and end with that one video.

If you can encourage your prospective customers to build an attachment to the brand – be that
through a mailing list, a Facebook page, or your Twitter stream, then you’ll have more opportunities
to reach them. They may not buy anything after they see that first video, but when they see your
brand a second or third time they’ll remember you, and they’ll be more receptive to those future

Before you hand over any money to a promotional video production company, it’s a good idea to ask
to see some of their previous videos. Don’t just look at the quality of the video, look at the style. If all
of the videos share the same style, is it the right one for your company? Some companies are flexible
in the types of video that they produce, but some smaller studios tend to stick to one template for
all companies – are you happy putting your brand name on one of those videos?

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Black Hawk Productions, your first choice for video production Nottingham and surrounding areas. James writes on subjects relating to business and marketing.


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