Monitor Maddness!

Old Port Jingles monitorsIf you’re into home recording, you may have a pair of reference monitors that you use to balance your sound. Hopefully you have something better than your computers built in monitors. If you are looking to improve your desktop, M-audio makes great entry level monitors that range in prices to fit pretty much any ones needs. If you’re just getting started check out the AV-40’s. These 40 watt speakers give a pretty decent sound with their 4 inch speakers. They can be found for $150-$200 brand new and are a great place to start. If you can afford it, and you’re looking for something a little more professional, try the M-Audio BX5a’s. They are the current monitor of choice here at Old Port Jingles, and they sound amazing. They feature balanced XLR inputs, and pump out 70 watts per speaker of delicious ear candy. They will set you back $300-$400, and from what we’ve seen, appear to be the best bang for your buck. For balancing, get the optional sub-woofer with the on/off foot switch.

One thing that is important to do is make sure your speakers are at the correct height. Invest in speaker stands if you don’t have any. You want stands that are solid. In some recording studios, they use granite pillars that are buried into the ground to eliminate vibration! Your speakers should be at ear level, and about as far apart as you are to them. Think of a triangle, and make your head one of the points. Be sure that there us nothing that can block the sound on it’s way to you. Also, to avoid bouncing, place your desk 1-2 feet from the center of the wall, and try to work in a relatively square area. If you can do these simple steps, you will notice an immediate increase in sound quality for your home recording and mastering.


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