The Other Bones – “Hinges”

I first heard The Other Bones late last year. Their video had been posted in r/maine and I almost ignored it. I had seen the post earlier in the day, and for whatever reason had decided to move past it. By some kind of cosmic intervention, I had a change of heart, and chose to click the link to their debut video, Feels Like Home (directed by Jason M. Bosch).

I remember being shocked immediately at what was going on. There was a guitar loop that sounded something like the Tower Jam at IT, followed by a brilliant sounding looped drum beat, synth rhythm, and vocal track, in that order. One minute into the track, I was hooked. I knew that this band was going to be the most original thing out of Portland in the past 10 years, maybe ever.

Since then, I’ve been hovering around their website like Quimby hovers around my feet waiting for me to drop some food. Slowly but surely, 2 more songs came out. The River, and the Christmas song “What Are You Doing New Years Eve?” Both as equally impressive, yet these were just crumbs. I wanted a fucking sandwich, and finally it’s been delivered.

Hinges Comes out on May 8th

Hinges is a 5 track EP that comes out on Tuesday, May 8th. It starts aggressively with “Not This Way.” It is a stark contrast to the acoustic version that was released in late March. There are layers of tastefully blended electronics and even some vocodoer/autotuning. It is followed by the harmony rich “Say That To Me.” It’s peaks and valleys of varying intensity, with a sweet ass synth bass and some very tasteful less is more guitar work. It becomes clear very quickly that although The Other Bones are a relatively new band, they already know exactly what they want to sound like, and it sounds awesome. Hinges continues with the insanely catchy and memorable Feels Like Home, an building intensely pissed off little number called The Bad In Goodbye, and In/Out/Over, another harmony filled almost club-esque track. Maybe it’s not suited for a club, it’s not like I go to clubs. Just know that it’s good. It’s all good. Fuck, it’s all great really.

Eric, Andrew and Loretta have created music that is like no other trio I’ve ever heard. I have a hard time putting it into a category. It’s a blend of so many genres that I can’t describe it accurately. This is what I always envisioned the music of the future sounding like. This is by far the best EP that I’ve heard in 2012. Go get Hinges on May 8th. Grab your jetpacks and check them out at Slantie on Saturday May 5th. I have yet to see these guys live, but I’m sure it’s fantastic.


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  • Looking forward to hearing this. I to became hooked with their first video. Although I live in Waterville so it’s hard to get to Portland to see them perform when they did as I’m without a vehicle. These guys are original and the blending of drumloops and live instruments are spectacular.

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