Vacation Property Video Production

Vacation-Property-Video-ProductionIf you own a vacation property would you like a better chance at being able to rent out your property for every available time slot? A video tour of any vacation home is a very small investment that will help to make this happen. By allowing potential renters want to see what they’re getting, you are going to be leaps and bounds above the competition. The fact is many properties that are listed online don’t do this because the owners think it’s too costly. You’d be surprised at how little you need to spend to get a high quality HD video of your vacation property. Let your potential tenants see just how great your vacation home really is, by having Old Port Jingles produce your property rental video.

Rental Property Videos Made Easy

In just a few steps, you tell us what you like about your property list the selling points are. We then produce a professionally recorded voice over script outline. After that we shoot the property with our high quality professional cameras, which will increase the overall quality of the video. Once we have our photos, we record a voice over and edit it all together with some of our legendary original music.

You will keep copies of all the photos that we take for your own use! We will upload the video to the Old Port Jingles YouTube channel if you like, and from there, all you need to do is embed the code. You may also upload it to your own channel if you have one already. You’re welcome to share the video on Facebook and all other social media outlets, and post high quality photos on travel vacation message boards like Trip Advisor! Plus, we can even write blog posts about your property which may share your video to new prospective clients.




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