Radio Advertising

Why Radio Marketing?

Radio is everywhere. In cars, stores, the workplace, online- no matter where you turn you hear content that is being broadcast on FM waves. Why does this technology exist anymore? It would seem that we don’t really need it at this point, right? With mp3 players and the internet, people can hear whatever they want, can’t they? Actually they can’t. Radio offers so much more than just music to the average American. Radio connects people.

Radio is special because it fills a basic human need. Knowing that there is a DJ on the other end of the spectrum, sending you signals- there’s something very comforting about it, and unless you’re going to make a play list of your own music to fill up 40 hours a week, radio offers you variety. Even someone stranded on a desert island would feel more connected if they could hear a broadcast. That’s why radio and advertising go hand in hand.

Jingle Production for Your Business

Radio Advertising If you’re thinking about some commercial music, now is the time to act. With Old Port Jingles, we guarantee you will be pleased with your business jingle, and if you’re not, we will revise it up to three times to get it just right for you. All our pricing includes unlimited airplay of the jingle for one year, and additional years of unlimited airplay can be purchased in advance. Don’t delay, check out our current radio jingle packages, for rates, or contact us directly and we can call or email you whenever you would like.


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