Time to Chill Out

Ice Guitar It sure is getting cold here in Maine! One way we like to beat the cold is by having “jam-ins.” A jam-in is when we close the windows and doors, put on some really comfortable clothes, bust out the acoustic instruments and just play till we are feel a little less cold! In essence, it’s warming up to warm up. Similar to a sweat lodge, only way less sketchy, and way more fun! Next time you’re chilly in your apartment, try it out! You’ll be thanking us!

On another note, we will be choosing the winner of our free jingle give away contest this week, so make sure you sign up to win soon! What business doesn’t need a jingle? And the price is sure right! Click here to enter.


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2 Responses to “Time to Chill Out”

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  • jack myhoffer says:

    is that a clear bass in yer drink?? I like to put a bundle of autumn leaves in the living room when we jam acoustic. It helps creativity and building songs like ‘he cuts it,’ and ‘different/same’. you should try.

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