My Dinner With Joey – A Night With The Pixies

The Pixies have never played in Maine, so when they announced that they were coming, I was excited. My friend Dave goes way back with Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago. I had seen the Pixies before, but this was my hometown show, and I had a feeling it was going to be special.

“Here Comes Your Ham”

I had done a little catering work with Dave (who owns the Pig Kahuna, best pig roasting in the Northeast BTW), and he had mentioned that he made up a joke band, called the “Pig-sees” and had already re-named a bunch of songs- “Where is My Swine”, and my personal favorite, “Here Comes Your Ham.” I figured now was as good a time as any to see if I could pull it off. Fortunately, since I have a couple instruments at my disposal, I had a feeling I would. It was harder than I had originally thought, just because I’ve never set out to copy something exactly how it was done. Admittedly the effort was somewhat hasty, but Dave loved it.

Listen to Here Comes Your Ham


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The day of the show came around 10am I get an email asking if I want to have a lobster dinner with the band before the show. Yes. Yes, I would. Not everyone could make it, but Joey wasn’t going to miss out. He arrived around 5:30, bringing our total to 8. Soon, we were enjoying a few pre-lobster drinks. I talked some nerdy guitar stuff with Joey about his equipment, which was awesome. Then Dave mentioned that I was the one who recorded “Here Comes Your Ham.” Joey told me he heard it and liked it, to which I smiled like a buffoon. He said that I took some liberties with the guitar tracks, but overall he liked what I did. He then asked what I had used to record it on. I told him about my modest home recording set up, and mentioned that I probably would have put a little more effort into it if I knew he was going to hear it.

Then he asks “How long did it take you to record it?”
“Roughly three days, on and off.” I reply.
“Oh, we recorded Doolittle in two weeks. No, wait. On second thought make that 11 days.” He says with a big grin. With that the ice was broken, and the rest of the dinner was a smashing success. Dave had enough lobster and steak for everyone to fill up on. Soon enough it was time for the show, which was amazing. If you’ve never seen the Pixies live, you should do it. Enhance any of the photos to see a slideshow from the State Theater show.

The Pixies in Portland, Maine 2011

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Pizza, Magic, and The Pixies watch the Pixies

After the concert, we met up with Joey and David Lovering, the drummer for the band. They had heard about a Pixies tribute that was happening after the show, and wanted to crash it. I couldn’t wait for this, however we “needed” to refuel with some more beers and pizza. During dinner in a relatively empty Pat’s Pizza, David started doing some card tricks for us. He is skilled in the magical arts to say the least, however the hilarity and awesomeness of getting a free magic show from the drummer of one of the most talented and influential bands ever would not hit me till later in the evening.

After dinner, we headed to the bar where the tribute show was happening. It was very busy for a Tuesday night, and it was very interesting to watch half of the Pixies watch a tribute to themselves. It was hard to get a read on how they actually felt about it, but not hard to see how shocked/excited the members of the band were when they realized who had been in attendance. Joey and David chatted with the musicians from the tribute band for a while before we all left. We took some photos together, I got my copy of Doolittle signed, and we were out. As we drove home, I just kept thinking to myself how crazy the past 6 hours had been, and realized that the “Where is My Swine” cover had better be awesome.

The Pixies in Portland, Maine 2011

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The Pixies in Portland, Maine 2011

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The Pixies in Portland, Maine 2011

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The Pixies in Portland, Maine 2011

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The Pixies in Portland, Maine 2011

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The Pixies in Portland, Maine 2011

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HUGE thanks to My friend Dave of the Pig Kahuna and of course Joey and David of the Pixies.


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6 Responses to “My Dinner With Joey – A Night With The Pixies”

  • Mike Girouard says:

    thanks for this great story! I ran into Joey while he was outside the pizza place having a smoke. Got a quick photo which was quite a thrill as he is one of my favorite guitarists EVER! We were too drunk to stay for any length of time at the Big Easy show. So we headed back down the street to catch a cab about 40 minutes (and several whiskeys) later and Joey was STILL out there smoking. Too funny! I wish I had known that David was inside, though

  • shaun says:

    sweet man! i am a huge fan of yours.

  • mike says:

    that rules dude, glad you had such a good time- that’s hilarious and awesome to be able to hang out with legends and just drink BEAHS and watch cover bands. I’m also very excited that you went to Pat’s pizza mmmmmmm

  • scott says:

    Hello…this sounds like a great evening but I must beg to differ in that the Pixies have played Maine but only once before because I was responsible for getiing a club owner to book them at The Tree Cafe back in ’86. The State was an amazing show and it is incredible just how dedicated their fans are…

    Take care.

  • Old Port Jingles says:

    Maybe they forgot about it. The “Forgotten Cities Tour” was mostly places they haven’t played before and according to the band, Portland was on that list. -e

  • Mike Martin says:

    Wow!! What a great story. I love the Pixies!! I am very jealous. Thanks for sharing.

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