Why Don’t We Have This?!

So I’m taking out my air conditioner last weekend (yes, I know it’s October, I’ve been busy!) and per usual, it’s a pain. It’s not super heavy but as most people will know who have done this, it is super awkward. I get the thing out and put it on the floor to close the window before my cats get out, and notice my amp sitting near the door. Then it hit me. My moment of genius.  Amps are heavy and awkward, but they are easy to move because of one thing: Handles. I implore you to petition your local congressman, and state senators telling them it’s high time we got handles on our air conditioners. I’m sure the fatcats down on wall street all have handles on their AC units for their servants to remove them. Lets make this happen readers of the Old Port Jingles blog!

Air Conditioner With Amp Handles

Coming next week, I review the Rode NT3 mic. So far, I’m digging it, seems like a pretty nice all purpose condenser.



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