Old Port Jingles is locally run out of Portland, Maine. Our goal is to provide local Maine and New England businesses the opportunity to get high quality, affordable songs and jingles for their marketing needs.

Your business is deserving of music! Old Port Jingles has made songs for some of the most successful businesses in Maine and NH, and had great results. Take a look at some of the work we have done on our catalog page.

At Old Port Jingles, we don’t limit ourselves by sticking with one kind of jingle with generic background music. Every song is written from the ground up, by our Head Composer. Here are some examples of the styles that we can do for you:

Business Jingle Styles Offered by Old Port Jingles

    From to Chicago, to New Orleans, the blues are about as American as apple pie! No one understands how to make a catchy blues tune for your business quite like Old Port Jingles. A blues song can be a funny and clever way to promote your latest deals and specials, as well as make a great theme song for your local business.

    Hip Hop & Rap

    Want to reach a younger audience? Use some of the illest beats ever made for your next commercial! Here at Old Port Jingles, we have an understanding of many styles of music, and know just how to reach the demographic you are after. If you want to get the young crowd talking, a hip-hop or rap song from Old Port Jingles may be just what you are looking for to boost sales, or get those important public service announcements heard and listened to by the younger generation.

    Ambient & New Age

    The soothing sounds of adult new age music can really be an effective way to get your message across to a niche demographic. This relaxing style of music is perfect for hold music, and businesses who want their customers to feel comfortable while hearing their advertisements. This style is a great choice for many kinds of businesses.
    Who doesn’t love the island sounds from the laid back island of Jamaica? A reggae song might just be what you’re looking for depending on your demographic. The best part about a reggae jingle is that it covers so many audiences, mon! From fans of Bob Marley, to Dead Heads, to the Parrot Heads, Reggae can be a perfect choice for your business jingle! Don’t think reggae is popular enough? Take the ferry out to Peaks Island right here in Maine on any Sunday during the summer!


    Who doesn’t love rock and roll? We can do songs in all styles of rock, from 50’s style, to psychedelic, to classic, to modern, to alternative. If you want any of the styles, Old Port Jingles can make it happen for your local business!
    Country jingles for your business are proven to be some of the most effective when used in the right markets. Old Port Jingles can make you modern country, or more traditional music, whatever you prefer.


    What’s that funky beat? Funk jingles are fun, catchy, and may be the right style for the music you’re looking for. Funk is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.
    Lounge style jingles can be great to make your audience laugh and let the good roll. Lounge music from Old Port Jingles is inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Richard Cheese.

Not seeing the style you want? Chances are we can arrange a song for you in any style that exists. Our talented composers have years of experience. Request a song and tell us what you want!


Need music for your business? Check out our customizable business jingles. Radio advertising is a great way to sell your products and reach a large audience with one of our custom music productions.

Custom songs can be a great way to celebrate any occasion! From birthdays to family reunions to roasts, music just makes everything better.

Viral marketing can be a great way to get your name out into the public eye.

Do you own a vacation home or rental property? A video is a great way to help fill up all your empty dates! Take a look at our property rental videos.

Let us make the hold music that will keep your clients calm and relaxed while waiting on the phone to speak with you.

Are you a business owner without a jingle? Let us make the song that's just what your company needs. Radio advertising with a business jingle from Old Port Jingles may be just what your next marketing campaign needs.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, a viral video production can be just what you need. Let Old Port Jingles produce the song that will spread on the internet like wildfire! Start your next viral marketing campagin today.

Have you ever wanted a special song for a birthday, retirement, or graduation? Now you can have a song for any occasion with Old Port Jingles. From serious to comedy to educational let us make your custom song just right for you!