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Rode NT3 Review

Rode NT3 ReviewSome mics are built with one specific purpose in mind. Others are well rounded and can do more. The Rode NT3 is a mic that falls into this category. I needed something that was going to be versatile, durable, and accurate. I didn’t want to spend an insane amount of money wanted something that was going to be simple to use. Since I’ve been using the NT1-a for a while and absolutely love it, I figured I would give the Rode NT3 a try. Here’s my review:

Review of the Rode NT3

What’s in the Box: The mic, A padded zipper case, a sticker, a clip for your mic stand, a small foam windscreen, instruction booklet.

Physical Characteristics: It fells well built, much like the other Rode mics I’ve had a chance to use. The NT3 can be powered by a 9 volt battery or phantom power from your preamp. It is roughly 9 inches long and the bottom unscrews to access the battery compartment. The battery option is one that is great to have if you’re considering using this mic with a camera for video production. It’s durability and size make an excellent choice for a field mic. There is a power switch so you don’t have to remove the battery every time you use it.

Potential Applications: I use this mic mostly for acoustic guitar and hand percussion. It Represents the high end very well with a lot of presence in the sound, and the design allows for good room ambiance. It actually records room and outdoor conversation pretty good. I imagine that this would be a great field mic for low-budget video production.

Sample Recording with the NT3

Rode NT3  Overall Thoughts: I think that this mic has multiple of uses in a home studio. It can be used to record any acoustic instruments, which is a plus, but it also sounds good when recording from slightly farther away. I like the way it sounds as a reinforcement mic. Take a listen to these two tracks.

Solo take with the Rode NT3

NT3 and NT1-a blend

The first one is the NT3 by itself, positioned roughly 10 inches from the 12th fret of the neck of the guitar. The second one is the NT3 blended with the an NT1-a located roughly 12 inches from the back of the body of the guitar. As you can hear, the two mics compliment each other pretty well. I would imagine that this would make a fairly decent overhead mic on a drum kit based on the response I was getting from it. Unfortunately I am not able to try that at this time, however other reviews of the NT3 have said that this is one of the things it does best.

I also used the Rode NT3 to record the electric guitar parts in this cover of Here Comes Your Man (Ham), as opposed to my usual SM57. Not bad.

Listen to Here Comes Your Ham

All in all I would say that this mic would make a fine addition for any home studio. It’s multiple uses make it a great asset to have.


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