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Why Don’t We Have This?!

So I’m taking out my air conditioner last weekend (yes, I know it’s October, I’ve been busy!) and per usual, it’s a pain. It’s not super heavy but as most people will know who have done this, it is super awkward. I get the thing out and put it on the floor to close the window before my cats get out, and notice my amp sitting near the door. Then it hit me. My moment of genius.  Amps are heavy and awkward, but they are easy to move because of one thing: Handles. I implore you to petition your local congressman, and state senators telling them it’s high time we got handles on our air conditioners. I’m sure the fatcats down on wall street all have handles on their AC units for their servants to remove them. Lets make this happen readers of the Old Port Jingles blog!

Air Conditioner With Amp Handles

Coming next week, I review the Rode NT3 mic. So far, I’m digging it, seems like a pretty nice all purpose condenser.


What is Optical/Digital Audio?

If you have a home theater system and want better sound, take a look at the back of your receiver. If there is a small square input marked either “digital in” or “optical in”, you are in luck. Here’s why.

Optical Audio cables are the equivalent of HDMI cables for video (see the Truth About HDMI Cables), except they only transmit the audio channels. The cables are made up of fiber optics and emit a red glow when the signal is active. You can also read a more technical explanation. You would use one if your receiver does not have an HDMI input/output. The sound is noticeably better than using RCA cables, which are the most common audio connections found in home theater. The format was actually developed by Toshiba and has been used in many high end audio products for years. It is now commonly found in any new HDTV, and most receivers will have them as well.

It’s important to remember here, that just like HDMI cables, there is no point in spending more than $3-5 dollars on one of these cables. You can get them on Amazon, Newegg, for about that price. If you wander into a large corporate electronics store, they will try to up sell you, no doubt about it.

Check to see how your television is hooked up to your receiver. If you are using RCA cables, and you have the option to use the optical line, you will immediately notice a serious upgrade in quality. Make sure you turn your receiver down, as the signal is much stronger and will be louder, as well cleaner when it gets to your speakers.

Audio Optical Cable


Time to Chill Out

Ice Guitar It sure is getting cold here in Maine! One way we like to beat the cold is by having “jam-ins.” A jam-in is when we close the windows and doors, put on some really comfortable clothes, bust out the acoustic instruments and just play till we are feel a little less cold! In essence, it’s warming up to warm up. Similar to a sweat lodge, only way less sketchy, and way more fun! Next time you’re chilly in your apartment, try it out! You’ll be thanking us!

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