Tube Amp Factory FB-10 Review

Tube Amp Factory FB-10 front

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The FB-10 is a 14 watt model produced by the Tube Amp Factory. It is small only in size and packs a good punch and tone. It looks like a handmade amp, because that’s what it is. There are no unnecessary graphics, grills or frills. It is a minimalist approach, and for what these amps do, it’s perfect. What I like about the Tube Amp Factory, is that they do something well, and stick to it. (I think this may change, but more on that later). Owner Dave Harris is able to faithfully build these amps by hand the same way he did 50 years ago.


Tube Amp Factory FB-10 Performance

Tube Amp Factory FB-10 insides

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The amp has only the most basic controls: volume, treble and bass. The dials, input, and the switch for the clean/fat boost are on the front of the amp, while the back contains the power, standby, and 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs. This particular amp head pairs well with a 1×12 speaker cab. The amp produces a clean, warm tone and uses a 12AT7 twin triode in the preamplifier and a 12AU7 in the phase inverter/ driver circuit. It has a push-pull 6V6. It’s good at reproducing the sound of early amps. It has a warm tone, and actually gets pretty loud for only a 14 watt amp. The fat channel is a good crunchy sound, and when paired with another overdrive sounds amazing.

Noticeably absent is a reverb chamber, however Dave Harris has already thought about that, and is looking in to making that happen. It doesn’t come standard with a foot switch to activate the fat crunch but it can be added when you purchase it. One thing you will love is the ability to customize all elements of your amp. There’s not much that they can’t do to help get you the tube sound you have always wanted. Contact them for more information, they will get back to you quickly.

Tube Amp Factory FB-10 No Case

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All in all, you can’t beat this amp for what it costs. What sets this amp apart is the care put into production. As a musician, to have anything that is built by hand is always a treat, and these amps are just that. Produced by a master craftsman, they are affordable tools that are capable of teaching young players the importance of dynamics and tone over volume, as well as seasoned veterans and studios.

We have some great samples coming later this week! As always, if you want to hear this amp in your next custom song, for your viral marketing campaign, contact Old Port Jingles today.


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